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My 2022 Predictions for AE’s

Take a group of 100 AE’s entering into 2022.

Follow them for the entire year.

Here’s what you’ll find on December 31st, 2022:

1 will be wildly successful and earn in the top 1% with tons of accolades..

4 will do incredibly well and have a banner year..

5 will do well but still fall short of their dream goals..

40 will hover around quota but spend most of the year stressed..

50 will miss quota, will blame their boss/company/market/etc., will think about quitting, or will be in a different job.

That’s 5-10% successful from a results perspective..

And 90% unsuccessful.

The truth is we all have the same amount of time.

The difference between the small percentage of successful people and the average are 4 simple things:

  1. What they consume and feed their mind.
  2. What they eliminate from their circle of focus.
  3. Who they spend time with.
  4. What they do consistently each day to drive results.

So if you want to win in 2022..

Make sure you’re doing these 4 things.

Happy 2022 – LFG 🚀

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