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My Dad’s Story and Why I Rarely Complain

My dad was put into a “re-education camp” during the Chinese Cultural Revolution as a teenager with his family.

He eventually escaped and made his way to America.

Left everything and everyone behind.

In America, he had no family, no friends, no money, and no support.

He didn’t even speak the language.

All he had was an 8th grade education and street smarts.

He eventually found his way to Oregon.

We lived in terrible part of town because that was all we could afford.

Started a small restaurant business from nothing.

Worked 80+ hours/week.

Whether he was sick, injured, or tired, he showed up every single day and NEVER complained.

All for the family.

(He eventually helped his family immigrate here too)

I watched all of this growing up.

I learned at an early age that complaining/excuses gets you nowhere and action solves all problems.

AND no matter how bad you think you have it, someone ALWAYS has it worst.

Do you agree?

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