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My First Time Posting on LinkedIn

I remember my first post on LinkedIn.

I had a carefully crafted post that I was excited about..

Took me hours to write it.

I chose an image meticulously.

I couldn’t wait to see what others thought.

I clicked “post” and waited anxiously..

24 hours went by and the post got maybe 5 likes 😞

I was really disappointed.

I had seen others post content that had great engagement.

I had expected the same.

I went back and looked at their content again.

My heart sank.

They had better content.

Better copy.

Better everything.

I was feeling down on myself.

I thought about deleting that post.

And giving up on social media.

There was no way I’d be as good as X influencer.

I told my wife that week about it and how I felt.

She asked me, “Why are you comparing yourself to others who have posted for years?”

“That’s like you learning to swim and comparing yourself to Michael Phelps”

She was right.

There was no use comparing.

So I kept posting and have ever since.

It has eventually led to biz opportunities and friendships❤️️

So if you are new to posting on social media, remember this:

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Just do you and keep posting.

And great things will come to you too.

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