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My Parents Taught Me This Powerful Life Lesson As a Kid

I grew up really poor.

If I wanted any toys outside of a holiday, I had to pay for it.

One day my parents surprised me with a gift..

A car at 16.

I was shocked!

My parents are smart AF as it did come with a catch:

They knew since THEY bought it..

I may NOT appreciate it as much after the novelty wore off.

That I may not take care of it to the same level if I had bought it.

They wanted me to have skin in the game.

So they RENTED the car to me.

$100/month rent

100% responsible for ins., gas, maint., etc. too

Rent + full coverage insurance due on the 1st

The result?

I paid CLOSE ATTENTION to how I took care of the car.

Treated it like a newborn baby.

My parents were right.

Those who PAY..PAY attention.

I’ve found this to be true in ALL aspects of life.

Free gym at your apartment?

Most never go.

Pay $150+/mo at an Orange Theory?

You’re trying to LIVE there and go to every class possible

Pay $497 for a Udemy Course?

You’d be lucky to even go through it a week later.

Pay $15K+ for a coach?

You’re showing up daily doing your best to get results.

Those who pay..PAY ATTENTION.

Those who pay the MOST..pay the MOST ATTENTION.

Those who pay the MOST ATTENTION get the BEST RESULTS.


PS You’re welcome for this awful pic 🤣

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