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Netflix and Your Prospects

Do you ever watch new movies/series on Netflix?

Of course you do😃

But if you are not familiar with it, what do you do first?

Most will read the summary.

Or watch the trailer.


People what to know what to expect.

And to ensure their time is not wasted.

Your prospects are no different.

When you start your first sales call with them..

You need to provide them a “summary” or “trailer.”

The Sandler system calls it an “upfront contract.”

It doesn’t matter what you call it.

What you need to do is put their mind at ease immediately.

This starts at the beginning of the sales call.

It should incorporate the following:

1. Appreciation + Short Value Prop

2. Agenda for the Call

3. Potential Outcomes at the end of the call

4. Agreement to 2+3

This gives them the “trailer” to the call.

They’ll be more open to your questions.

More open to your presentation.

And now they can truly enjoy the “show.”

Do you agree?

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