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“It’s a Numbers Game” is a Big MYTH for Sales

“It’s a numbers game”-Boss

“A numbers game?”-Me

“Yeah-the more hands you shake, the more money you make”-Boss


“Think about it-If you dial 100 businesses, you’ll make 5 appointments, and close 1. Sooo if you dial 200 businesses, you’ll make 10 appointments, and close 2! It’s like sports-just a numbers game! Just need more wacks with the axe!”-Boss

“That doesn’t make any sense to me. We’d never see a basketball player shoot 100 shots, miss 95, and make 5. Wouldn’t it make sense to shoot say 50 shots strategically, miss 30, but make 20?”-Me

“I think you’re trying to get out making more dials”-Boss

“Well, would you rather me make 100 dials and book 5 or make 50 and book 10+? I could use that extra time presenting, upselling, etc.”-Me

He looked annoyed.

“No, make 100-it’s a numbers game”-Boss

“How about this-next week on Monday, I’ll come with my list of 100 but I do it my way. Once I get to 50, I’ll show you my progress. Cool?”-Me

He could tell I was determined.

“Ok but be ready with 100”-Boss

On Monday, I booked 7 appts off 50 dials.

My boss stopped saying “it’s a numbers game”

Strategic execution always WINS over just working harder.

Do you agree?

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