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Old Marcus Vs. New Marcus

❤️ Thursday Motivation..

OLD Marcus in 2007:

– $29,500 Base Salary Entry level B2B sales job

– $200 in my bank account

– Worst results in the company and almost quit daily

– Zero confidence with massive imposter syndrome

– Binge-drank every weekend

– No direction and no goals

NEW Marcus in 2021:

– Promoted 10X in 10 years working for 2 Fortune 500 orgs

– Ranked in the top percentile every year

– Leveraged earnings to earn financial freedom by my early 30’s

– Built a thriving and coaching business that’s been featured in Forbes, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and more in <2 years

– Confident, happy, and healthy

– On a mission to help 1M+ B2B salespeople sell more, earn more, and reach their potential

Want a change in your life? ⁣

1️⃣ Take 100% ownership of everything.

Don’t play the victim – zero excuses.

2️⃣ Set clear goals, reverse engineer it, and work relentlessly towards it.

Time is your most valuable resource.

Get a mentor to help you get there faster.

3️⃣ Remove all limits as they exist only in our mind.

⁣Aim high and aim big.

The best way to expand the limits is to spend time only with those playing the game at a way higher level than you.

Hope this inspired someone today ❤️

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