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On the Job Training

I could see on my new hire’s face that he was having a rough phone session.

His shoulders slumped over as he hung up the last call.

His last call sounded argumentative with the DM before they hung up.

“How are you doing?”-Me

“Um..it’s a bit rough. Did you hear that last call?”-Rep

“I did”-Me

“That’s how most are going. I can get through the GK if they are there but I can’t seem to book the appointment”-Rep

“Can I give you some feedback?”-Me


“Your main script is NAILS; your objection handling is NOT what I trained you on. It’s a free for all..”-Me

“Well, it doesn’t feel natural to me..”-Rep

“I get it-let’s just roleplay it as I promise you the 5-step sequence works. It just takes practice”-Me

I grab my laminated sequence.

We roleplay a series of objections right on the spot and run through the sequence a couple times.

“Ok, let’s do it live”-Me

The rep starts dialing.

8 dials go by and all are sent to VM.

On the 9th dial, he gets the DM

He runs the sequence and gets to step 3..and books it!

I see the shock and awe on his face.

He dials 5 more dials and books the 6th dial.

He’s now a believer.

Sometimes the best training is done live in the field.

Do you agree?

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