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One of the Biggest Lies Average Sales Reps Tell Themselves

One of the biggest lies sales reps tell themselves is that..

“I’ll get better with time.”

This is ONLY true when you first start out…

When you’re new, you will start learning new things.

Automatically you will get better due to that.

However, you’ll eventually hit a plateau/ceiling.

That comes in the form of income, hitting target, etc.

But most importantly…your SKILLS.

The mistake most make when they hit the ceiling..

Is that they just keep REPEATING THAT for years.

(Their skills might slightly increase over time but it’s nominal)

This keeps them AVERAGE.

The Top 1% have a different mindset.

They know EVERYONE has the same amount of time.

They also know if they’re not growing..

They’re dying.

So they focus on growth and skill development.

They invest heavily in themselves.

They take massive action.

They do NOT accept mediocrity.

As a result, their skills grow every year..

And so do their results.

So remember that if you want to be in the top 1%..

It takes the same amount of time to be average or to be great.

It’s always a choice.

Do you agree?

PS Send me a DM if you’re sick of being average and want to be in the top 1%!

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