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One of the Greatest Life Skills to Develop

One of the greatest life skills you can develop is..

Taking ACTION in spite of FEAR.

We’ve all read those acronyms:

“False Evidence Appearing Real”

“Face Everything and Rise”

As cheesy as they may seem, they are 100% true.

Jon is a great example of this.

Jon has been in sales for over a decade.

He always seemed to fall into the “average results” bucket

He was scared to join my program as it is an investment.

He decided to act in SPITE of fear and joined in 2019.

Jon usually averaged about $80K/year before.

He finished 2019 making >$110K!

$32K MORE in his first year.

And 2020?

Jon made >$160K.

$80K MORE than his average before working with me.

In 16 months, Jon has made $112,000 MORE than before.

That’s NET as he made $270K for total comp.

That doesn’t even include how much he’ll make every year after..

For the rest of his life.

Best of all?

It gave his family..freedom of choice.

Jon’s wife quit her job to pursue her passions.

All due to him ACTING in SPITE of FEAR.

So be like John.

Don’t let F.E.A.R. hold you back from greatness.

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