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One of the Greatest Skills You Can Develop Is This

One of the greatest skills you can develop is effective prospecting.

When you know how to generate pipeline..

You can essentially print cash on demand💰

And NO – it’s NOT about making hundreds of calls per day..

Or sending thousands of emails per day..

It’s about hyper-targeted effective prospecting.

For example:

Aidan, a superstar BDR, who generated $515,000 in pipe last qtr.

He generated the most qualified meetings on his team.

Let’s say his AE closes 25% of it.

That’s $128,750 closed.

Not too shabby 🤩

Or, Julian, who’s an Enterprise AE.

He generated $1,208,000 in new pipe in July ALONE.

Let’s assume a 25% closing ratio.

That’s $302,000 closed.

Let’s assume a 10% commission payout for simple math.

That’s $30,200 in commish.

Did he make hundreds of calls daily or send thousands of emails?


He averaged 5 calls/day and 25 emails/day.

When you know exactly how to target…

And exactly what to say, do, write, etc..

You can literally speak and write pipeline into existence.

Qualified pipeline then leads to closed deals.

And that leads to real commission.

So if you want to be truly great at sales..

Make sure you master prospecting too.

Do you agree?

P.S. If you want results like Aidan and Julian..and you are ready to invest in mastering a skill that prints you cash, just message me “COMMITTED”

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