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One of the Most Underrated Characteristics for Success

Being COACHABLE is an underrated characteristic.

A coachable person with less talent..

Can outperform a talented person with an ego.

A talented person that is COACHABLE?


Here’s an example of a talented + coachable student:

Julian and I recently discussed how to improve his demos.

A 15 minute convo on how to improve it.

Nothing complex and just some simple strategies.

Julian went and executed on the coaching.

The result?

The next two demos turned into viable opportunities..

VALUED AT $240,000+.

Yes, a 15 minute coaching convo that Julian executed on..

Resulted in close to a quarter million in pipeline.

I see this across all fields and industries.





If you want to be the BEST, you must be COACHABLE.

Do you agree?

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  1. “Learning to learn”, allowing the coach to guide the student through a different point of view.

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