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Open Minds Lead to Open Doors to Opportunity

“I don’t leave voicemails because they never call back”-my rep.

“Ok-what do you usually say?”-Me.

“It sounds like this ‘Hi Marcus, it’s ____ with _____. The reason I’m calling is because I wanted to set up a time to show you our XYZ program to give you QWE benefit. Please give me a call back at…”-Rep.

“What type of callback rate are you getting?”-Me

“Literally zero-like I said, so I don’t leave voicemails anymore”-Rep.

“Ok, are you open to a few tweaks that will get you calls back?”-Me.

“Heck yeah!”-Rep.

We write out a couple small tweaks.

I can tell he’s a little skeptical.

“Just try it out for now and do it verbatim. I’ll come back in a bit to see how it’s going”-Me.

30 minutes later I hear a yell from across the room.

“HOLY $HIT! Chan, one just called back and I booked it!”-Rep said flabbergasted BUT excited.

Within the next hour, he booked TWO MORE.

He now SWEARS by the script and tweaks.

Once you open your mind to new ideas, you open doors to new opportunities.

Do you agree?

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