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Patriots Vs. Mercenaries

I interviewed a candidate that made over $150K+ in 3 months selling satellites door-to-door.

He brought the brag book to prove it.

He had massive swagger.

Incredibly charming.

AND he could clearly SELL.

In the interview, I roleplayed with him how he’d close a residential prospect.

He showed me.

He was smooth.



And used deceptive practices to close.

After the interview I thanked him for his time and walked him out.

I knew if we brought him on board, he’d be the top rep in no time.

I knew he’d hit President’s Club in 3 months.

I knew he’d help the team crush their number.

I knew he could help us build upon a winning culture.

But I also watched him show his true colors with deceptive selling.

He was a mercenary.

Swoop in, annihilate the targets, and swoop out.

It’s all about them.

There is no place for that on my team.

I needed a patriot.

Loyal, hardworking, coachable, a team player, and HONEST.

He never even made it to the next interview.

Never comprise your character or values for a KPI.

AND only hire patriots and not mercenaries.

Do you agree?

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