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8 Key Tips for a Powerful PM Routine to Maximize Your Results

Welcome to part two of having a killer routine for success! We will focus this week’s article on your PM routine – more specifically, what you do before you to bed! If you read my earlier article on morning routines, the same benefits apply to the PM routine!

Also, if you have ever had young babies that you are sleep training, experts always focus on the common theme of having the same set routine and schedule every night to train the baby to sleep – this is no different when you are an adult! This simple principle applies so your mind is trained to go to sleep at the same time! However, in addition to this, I believe there are some core components that are critical for training your subconscious for success that tie into your PM routine. Here are 8 key tips of a powerful PM routine:

  1. Reduce your screen time 30-60 minutes before you go to sleep: All that bright light hurts your eyes and strains your mind before you sleep. You can use a blue light filter on your phone or just put it away. Also, if you are watching the news, movies, shows, etc., it focuses your mind on those things and that can impact what you think about before you sleep. Have you ever noticed that if you watched a scary movie or thriller before bed that suddenly that’s all you think about while you’re trying to calm your mind?
  2. Dim the lights in the room or use soft-color bulbs: Similar to #1, harsh white fluorescent is the opposite of creating a calm sleeping environment.
  3. Declutter the room 30-60 minutes before you sleep: Sleeping amidst a mess creates unnecessary chaos in your life. By ensuring it’s uncluttered before you start your sleep routine helps reduce one small stress out of your evening.
  4. Stretch/Yoga/Meditation: Adding in this component helps you clear your mind and center yourself. If you are like most, your days are busy running from one meeting to another, one activity to another, work and life are simply just hectic! Adding in even just a few minutes to stretch, do yoga, or meditate can be powerful as you are literally hitting PAUSE to breath!
  5. Gratitude: The next key tip is incredibly powerful and is one I’ve added into my routine in the last 6 months. Take 5 minutes and write out 3-5 things of what you are grateful for in the day. It can be big or small – it does not matter! No matter how bad your day was, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. When you focus on gratitude, it can help you shift your mood from a negative to a positive one!
  6. Goals Review: While you’re writing out your gratitude points from the day, it’s now easy to write out your goals or review them again! I like to take 5 minutes and read my 1 and 5 year goals again as this helps me reflect on my day to see if I took action towards those goals. This also helps pull me out of the short-term of the day-to-day life to refocus on the long term.
  7. Read: After that, you can feed your mind right before you hit the pillow! I will read a physical book for a few minutes up to 15 depending on how much time I have. It is always a personal development book that helps me expand my mind. This helps give you perspective before you zone out.
  8. Proper sleep and enough sleep: This last tip takes a lot of self-discipline – you must get enough sleep to ensure you are hitting your REM cycle. You should be getting 6-8 hours per night. This allows your brain and body to recover and heal from the energy you used up throughout the day. It’s not easy and sometimes schedules make it hard but once you make it priority, you’d be shocked how much more mental clarity you have due to consistent proper sleep!

So there you have it! 8 tips for a powerful PM routine! These types help you focus your mindset, relax, be present, recover, and feed your subconscious with positivity that ultimately leads into your morning. When you bookend your days with a strong AM and PM routine, it can drastically change your perspective on life and ultimately your results! If you like this article, feel free to share and like. Also, check out below to access my free Masterclass on 5 Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle!


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