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Podcast Interview with Ruben Alvarez on the #INFORTHEKILL Podcast!

“I’m in sales” – Me

<Insert of look of disapproval from friends and family>

This is how it felt for years when I first started in sales..

It’s not surprisingly as salespeople get a bad rap.

And I can understand why:

The media portrays salespeople in a negative light.

And we’ve also had bad experiences before.

But here’s the truth:

Most salespeople were just never trained properly.

Most are taught archaic methods..

Or just thrown headfirst in without training.

This leads to salespeople making lots of mistakes..

On poor potential prospects!

This is why I’m on a mission to train 1,000,000 reps directly.

By providing them the support to sell the right way..

We can change the game for sales!

I discuss this and so much more on the #inforthekill podcast with Ruben Alvarez!

Double tap if you believe #sales is the best career to be in!

P.S. Link here for the full interview!



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