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Prospecting in Sales is Like Trying to Lose Weight

Prospecting in sales is like trying to lose weight.

Let’s say you have a goal of losing 20 lbs.

When you first start to eat clean and workout..

You won’t see any immediate results.

However, if you are consistent and you put the right work in..

You’ll start losing weight!

Then if you start getting very strategic with your tactics..

You’ll continue to lose weight.

Eventually you’ll hit your goal of losing 20 lbs!

However, after you achieve your goal..

If you’re not careful, you’ll gain it all back..

Leading to you losing all your progress..

Prospecting in sales is no different.

When you start, you’ll see no real results.

If you maintain a high level of effort and prospecting..

And improve your sales tactics and strategies..

You’ll eventually hit your sales goals!

However, if you stop prospecting..

Your pipeline will dry up.

The truth is..

Weight loss goals and sales goals..


So you MUST remember:

What you got you there, won’t keep you there.

So keep up the workouts.

And keep prospecting!

Do you agree?

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