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Podcast Interview with Khoa Bui on the You Be Relentless Podcast

I was the worst salesperson when I started in 2007 😭

I walked into 120+ businesses in the first couple days and converted ZERO into leads or sales.

I made a crazy amount of dials and booked ZERO appointments.

I felt like quitting.

Except quitting was not an option.

I share with Khoa Bui on the You Be Relentless Podcast on how I figured how to sell with zero training and zero direction in the short clip below!

We also discussed a range of topics:

✅My morning power routine!

✅How I prime myself for peak performance!

✅And so much more!

Link here for the full interview!

P.S. My new free webinar, 8 Steps to Crushing Quota Consistently is tomorrow! 

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