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Rockets vs. Rocket Fuel for Your Sales Process

“What’s the best sales tech stack?”

“What’s the best CRM?”

“What’s the best email copy?”

“What’s the best email sequence?”

“What’s the best cold call script?”


I get asked these questions often..

Don’t get me wrong..these things help..

In fact, they can be like ROCKET FUEL for a sales process🚀

BUT..you need a ROCKET to put it in.

Meaning, YOU are the rocket.

If you are not a well-built “rocket”..

With solid foundational sales skills developed..

There’s not enough “rocket fuel” in the world to give you consistent results!

Average reps focus on “rocket fuel.”

Top reps build the rocket..🚀

Then load the ROCKET FUEL..

And then they achieve out-of-this-world results! 🌏

Do you agree?

P.S. Need help building your rocket? Free training here!

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