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Sales is Like Golf

Do not let cadences hold you back from closing deals.

Whether it’s 5, 8, 12, or more steps..

It does NOT matter as much as you think.

Just think: does your prospect know the number of steps?

Of course not.

The truth is, sales is much like golf.

In golf, the least amount of strokes wins.

Golfers focus on improving each stroke for the best impact.

The end goal is to get it in the hole.

In as few strokes as possible.

Picture your sales process and steps the same way.

You do NOT get paid more by adding steps.

You do NOT get paid more by sending more emails.

Focus on improving each step for the highest impact.

Do it ethically and do it right.

You will shorten your sales cycle.

You’ll have more time to load up your pipeline.

You’ll be mentally happier.

And so will your prospects and customers.

Do you agree?

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