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The complete, proven step-by-step system to transform you to into a six-figure+ b2b sales professional in 60 days (or less!)


what is sales ninja school?

Sales Ninja School is my comprehensive complete B2B sales training that teaches you from A-Z everything you need to know to become a six-figure+ B2B sales professional. Everything you need to know (the HOW and the WHY) complete with every tool, script, and template all in one place to help you become next level in your sales skills. 100% proven and field tested for results!

here’s where it all started…

I started my first B2B sales job over 10 years ago with a large Fortune 500 organization and I started like most people do when they start a new endeavor: brimming with enthusiasm and excitement! I could already picture myself closing multi-million dollar deals and earning thousands in commission. However, all my future hopes and dreams came crashing down around me as I ran into these immediate obstacles:

Poor Sales Training…My sales manager was busy – too busy to train me. Even when I was able to convince my sales manager to train me…the materials he had were written by the management team that had never done B2B sales…

No Sales Process…Once I figured out how to get in front of prospects, I had no proven methodology to follow. I simply bumbled my way through the appointment and somehow stumbled either a “yes” or a “no.”

No Tools or Resources…With poor training and no tools, that was equivalent to me trying to play golf for the first time…without having clubs or an idea of how to play!

Unrepeatable…My goal at the time was to eventually get promoted to be a sales manager. If I couldn’t figure out how to be successful, how could I train my sales executives to do the same?

With a lack of training and no tools, my results were terrible, inconsistent, and led to poor commissions. I felt frustrated, angry, anxious, sad, stressed, and insecure…

Over time, I was able to figure out through trial and error a semblance of a sales process. My results started skyrocketing. I quickly became the #1 sales executive in the state and achieved that every single month. I started investing thousands of dollars and hours into reading books, attending seminars, etc. My results continued to skyrocket as I was quickly promoted multiple times and I went on to build 3 multiple 7-figure operations in 4 years.

As I spoke to other friends and other people in B2B sales, I uncovered they all ran into the same obstacles I ran into of poor training and lack of resources. Some stayed in the sales game with inconsistent results – hyped up on the big months and depressed in the low months. Some simply quit and got out of sales.

I stayed in sales and since my first B2B sales role, I’ve have been fortunate to have achieved the following:

  • Promoted 10X in 10 years in two different Fortune 500 companies!
  • Been recognized consistently as either one of the top producers and leaders every single year!
  • My teams have generated $700+ million in annual contracted sales revenue!
  • I had developed hundreds if not thousands of sales professionals and have coached/taught them my processes for them to go on and achieve amazing sales results as well!

I’ve taken my experience, all my trial and error, all my mistakes, and all the time/money I’ve invested over the years and have put together a program that I WISH I had when I first started. Welcome to Sales Ninja School.

tell me more

Sales ninja school is my complete proven step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand (as in step 1, step 2, step 3, etc.) to transform you into a six-figure+ b2b sales professional! no ambiguity or confusion. literally step-by-step and nothing is left out.

What’s included with sales ninja school?

  • 8 Butt-Kicking Step-by-Step Modules to Transform You Into a 6-Figure+ B2B Sales Professional in 60 days or less ($8000+ Value!)
  • 5 KILLER Sub-lesson trainings ($2999+ value)
  • 3 Holy $%@ Bonuses ($2500+ value!)
  • Login 24/7 from your mobile device or computer
  • 100% Instant access!
  • LIFETIME access + UPDATES!

the sales ninja school modules

Module 1: Sales Ninja Mindset - How to Reprogram Your Brain to Give You The Confidence to Crush Your Sales Goals (Without Going Crazy With My Simple 3-Part Process!)
  • How to set killer goals that actually motivate and inspire you to take action!
  • Learn my simple step-by-step morning routine that will fire you up to WIN the day and transform your results!
  • Identify what you REALLY need in a mentor to up your sales game!
  • Ultimate Course Planner: You’ll receive a simple step-by-step course planner that you can take notes in and help you to stay on track for your training!
Module 2: 6-Figure Routine - How to Create a REALISTIC Weekly Schedule to Generate You a 6-Figures+ Income (That Doesn't Require You to Work 100 Hours/Week and Can Be Accomplished in 40 Hours or Less!)
  • Learn the traits of the top sales performers and how you can imitate them too with simple behavior modeling that you can start immediately!
  • Understand the simple basics of personal health and wellness that will lead to high performance results personally and professionally!
  • Use my simple 3-step method to create your 6-figure Sales Routine in under 30 minutes!
  • Tool #1: You’ll receive my Daily Sales Planner to help sales pro’s stay organized and focused on the right revenue-generating activities!
  • Tool #2: You’ll get 6-figure routine template that you can modify and adjust to fit your style and to help you maximize results!
Module 3: Prospecting - How to Identify Your Ideal Future Customers and Book Revenue-Generating Meetings With Them EVEN If You Have ZERO Sales Experience!
  • Learn my simple step-by-step Sales Process that even a 4-year old can follow! (No, I’m not calling you a 4-year old – it’s just simple and works across any industry!)
  • How to map out and find your perfect prospect that will give you dollar-dollar bills AND MORE!
  • Learn my exact phone scripts that ACTUALLY WORK in real-life that don’t make you sound like a robot and will book you revenue-generating appointments! (Downloadable templates included)
  • I’ll teach you how to handle ANY PHONE OBJECTIONS like a BOSS!
  • Sub-Lesson #1: Killer Seed Process for Monster Accounts so you can EXPLODE your income!
  • Sub-Lesson #2: Phone Prospecting Best Practices that will SUPERCHARGE your funnel with easy-to-execute best practices!
  • Sub-Lesson #3: Door-to-Door Prospecting – a fast way to load your funnel!
  • Tools 3 + 4: We’ll break down exactly how to know your numbers so you can maximize your TIME and $$$! You’ll get our Phone Prospecting Tracking Tool and Dial for Dollars Worksheet!
Module 4: Sales Call Prep - How to Prepare for the Sales Call Like a BOSS in 15 Minutes or Less!
  • We’ll go over WHAT and HOW to prepare for a sales call without spending hours doing research!
  • Learn to identify the KEY things to prepare for so you add the MOST VALUE at the first impression!
  • We’ll review how to dress the part to match the sales call without breaking the bank!
Module 5: Dominating the Sales Call - How to Run The Full Sales Call From Start to Finish and CLOSE IT ON THE SPOT (Without Coming Off Sleazy!)
  • We’ll teach you from start to finish the entire sales call structure from what you say the moment you walk in to closing it at the end!
  • Learn specific questions to ask that will help you identify quickly EXACTLY what the customer needs and is looking for!
  • Learn to present specifically to the needs of the customer in a simple step-by-step way that makes your solution the OBVIOUS choice!
  • We’ll show you by following this methodical step-by-step process how you can walk a prospect from uninterested to a CLOSED DEAL without any funny business!
  • Sub-Lesson #3: Prospect Personalities Hacked – Learn how to sell to ANY personality type through this training!
  • Tool #5+6: You’ll get our Sales Call Cheat Sheet and Sales Call Planning Sheets to give you a handy tool to keep you on track in your appointments!
Module 6: Advanced Closing Techniques and Ninja Objection Handling Skills - How to Close and Handle Objections (Without Having a Nervous Breakdown!)
  • Learn how to ask for the business in a simple and logical manner that is non-threatening and EASY to do!
  • Learn my 5-step Ninja Objection Handling Process that eliminates all objections and leads to the close without you breaking a sweat!
  • We’ll teach you my ADI method of securing referrals that will generate you future revenue sources that is EASY to repeat EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  • Sub-Lesson #4: We’ll teach you 7 different closing techniques that are field-tested and worked like MAGIC!
Module 7: Multi-Call Closes - How to Handle Any Meeting You Don't Close on the Spot and Set It Up to Close in the Future (Without Losing the Deal to the Competition!)
  • Learn our simple objections isolation process to ensure you lock up the deal in the future!
  • Learn how to progress the sale forward no matter the outcome of the first meeting!
  • Learn our specific phrasing to ensure your future meetings are revenue generating and productive!
Module 8: The Future - What To Do After You've Completed This Training (And to Ensure You Don't Waste This Investment!)
  • We’ll give you clear direction and instructions on where we go from here so you can continue your mastery journey!
  • We’ll discuss progressive mastery and training best practices to ensure you improve daily, weekly, monthly, etc.!

ADDITIONAL holy $%@ bonuses ($2500+ Value)

  • Holy $%@ Bonus #1: LinkedIn Masterclass Training –  6 Steps to Using LinkedIn to Generate Mouthwatering Leads the Right Way (Without spending all day on there, being an influencer, using Sales Navigator, being spammy, or spending any money on ads!
  • Holy $%@ Bonus #2: 7 Proven Outbound Message Templates – 7 of my proven copy and paste templates to get responses from cold outreach!
  • Holy $%@ Bonus #3: Enterprise Sales Masterclass – How to Close 6-7 Figure+ Deals in a Simple, Repeatable, and Systematic Way (Without needing years of experience, a team of 100 people, or any fancy technology).  It comes with my 7-Figure Blueprint: a downloadable plug and play tool to help you strategically close faster!


  • Struggle with results…
  • Have up and and down months, quarters, and years…
  • Have inconsistent income…
  • Risk losing your job and your mojo…
  • Put yourself through emotional turmoil…
  • Simply just continue to punish yourself HOPING you’ll figure it out one day…
  • Dominate your past sales results!
  • Skyrocket your income and wealth!
  • Create more opportunities leading to promotions and better jobs!
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals!
  • Become the BEST VERSION of you!
So what’s it gonna be?

still unsure if you want to take your sales game to the next level?

check out some shameless love…

“From someone who has taken the course, purchased SNS and implemented all phases of the material…IT WORKS!!!! BUY IT! I’ve over doubled the number of appointments I have each week and number of deals. I’m went from pacing to make $100K this year to $200K+! THANK YOU!” – Michael K, Sales and Services Professional

“The results were instantaneous! What you taught me most were skills, scripts, and most importantly sales psychology and mindset! 10,000,000% worth the investment! Still going through the modules and looking forward to our next session!” – Sam T, Recruitment Consultant

“Marcus is hands down the best sales trainer and likely sales person I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. It made a big difference in my career!” – Brian M, Sales Manager

“Marcus was relentless in helping me develop a thorough world class knowledge of the sales process from cold calling to executing on closing business. Not only this, but Marcus is an astounding motivator; always remaining positive, with a genuine energy and passion for what he does. I wouldn’t trade the time I had working for him for anything and can truly say he has been one of key reasons for my success.” – Nick G,  Territory Manager

“Marcus was an absolutely phenomenal leader. He is a truly rare breed in that he practices exactly what he preaches, which lends credibility into everything he says. He is a valuable friend and mentor who taught me the value of discipline – both in and out of the workplace. Whether it was advice on preparing for a sales call, ways to save money or tips on healthier eating, Marcus was easily accessible and always eager to help. I never doubted for a second that he truly cared about my growth as a person as well as a sales rep. I’ll always be grateful for the time and effort he put into helping me succeed. Thanks again!” – Austin B, Sales Executive 

“Marcus Chan is the ultimate leader, mentor, & motivator. When I started working with him I knew right away that he had the executive acumen of a Paul Allen and the executive swag of a Tony Robbins. He is an inspiration and pillar of health! So if you want to increase wealth, improve health, achieve goals, and attain happiness, then follow this guy!” – Bruce M, General Manager

“Marcus and I worked closely together. He is very proactive and always upbeat. His attitude and passion inspire others to be better. He has held himself to such a high level for such a long period of time, excellence is simply his expectation.” – Travis S, VP of Sales

“Marcus began mentoring me going into my second year of selling. I was an average rep and finished mid pack. After weekly mentor calls with Marcus my numbers began to rise. He would walk me through the sales process and tweak things week by week giving me one thing to focus on. The compound effect. Marcus helped me work on my professionalism, helped me feel confident selling to C level executives, perfect the target sales process, and overall made me a happier, more efficient, person. I finished as a top producer. I could not thank Marcus enough. He changed my life. If you have the opportunity to work for him I highly recommend you take advantage of it. No single person has shaped who I am today as a professional more than he has.” – Cameron C, Client Relationship Manager

“Marcus has been a mentor for me with the last few years. He has continued to work with me monthly to help me grow and improve as a sales representative, over come obstacles and challenges I face, and often times just listened and advised on what is happening. Marcus always seems to have a perfect answer and solution, and instantly. He is a quick thinker, has tons of experience, and uses those experiences to help me formulate a plan and solution. I am confident that I can always turn to Marcus for advice and he will be there to listen and help.” – Chris Heath, Sales Executive

(Scroll to the bottom to access all Executive Coaching Packages)

How do I get started and how much does it cost?

How much is Sales Ninja School? You could try to figure it out on your own and spend thousands upon thousands (and spend a TON of time) or hire me directly to come train and consult for $20,000+.

The entire Sales Ninja School step-by-step training system is only $997. (Or 3 monthly payments of $397 – access the payment plan below) This is the LOWEST price it will EVER be. Meaning you can get started and get 100% instant access immediately. 

Yes – all modules, all bonuses, and all templates so you can Netflix binge your heart out or take it slow. The choice is yours.

How about a guarantee?

Image result for 30 day money back guarantee

Sales Ninja School comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. I pride myself on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, great things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing great happens.

access it below now BEFORE ENROLLMENT CLOSES




Limited Time Offer Expires Soon and Enrollment Will Close

  • Instant access to 8 butt-kicking step-by-step modules to transform you into a 6-figure+ B2B sales professional in 60 days or less ($8000+ value)
  • 5 killer sub-lesson trainings ($2999+ value)
  • 8 awesome tools and templates ($1499+ value)
      • Daily Sales Planner
      • 6-Figure Routine Template
      • Phone Prospecting Tracking Tool
      • Dial for Dollars Worksheet
      • Sales Call Cheat Sheet
      • Phone Script Templates
      • Sales Call Planning Sheets
      • Ultimate Course Training Workbook
  • 3 Holy $%@ Bonuses ($2500+ value)
    • LinkedIn Masterclass Training
    • 7 Proven Outbound Messaging Templates
    • Enterprise Sales Masterclass and 7-Figure Blueprint Tool
  • Login 24/7 from your mobile device or computer
  • 100% Instant Access!
  • Lifetime Access + Updates!
Let's go Elite!
Elite (Payment Plan)


3 Monthly Payments

Limited Time Offer Expires Soon and Enrollment Will Close

  • Instant access to 8 butt-kicking step-by-step modules to transform you into a 6-figure+ B2B sales professional in 60 days or less ($8000+ value)
  • 5 killer sub-lesson trainings ($2999+ value)
  • 8 awesome tools and templates ($1499+ value)
      • Daily Sales Planner
      • 6-Figure Routine Template
      • Phone Prospecting Tracking Tool
      • Dial for Dollars Worksheet
      • Sales Call Cheat Sheet
      • Phone Script Templates
      • Sales Call Planning Sheets
      • Ultimate Course Training Workbook
  • 3 Holy $%@ Bonuses ($2500+ value)
    • LinkedIn Masterclass Training
    • 7 Proven Outbound Messaging Templates
    • Enterprise Sales Masterclass and 7-Figure Blueprint Tool
  • Login 24/7 from your mobile device or computer
  • 100% Instant Access!
  • Lifetime Access + Updates!
Let's go Elite (Payment Plan)!
No Risk - 30 Day Guarantee



If I have a question during the course, how do I get it answered? AKA what type of support will you provide?

My #1 GOAL is to ensure you absolutely crush it!!! We are starting a brand new private FB group to support you that is exclusive for SNS students! Pop any question in there for the group and the community will help support you along with me!

I have a lot of sales experience. Will this help me?

YES – Regardless if you have sales experience or not, this training will provide you additional tools and support you will not find anywhere else! I’ve applied this training to sales executives that have zero experience to 30 years experience – all have found massive value and have been able to transform their results to the next level!

What if I don't see value in your program?

I’d be SHOCKED! However, if that is the case, there is a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, let me know and please provide me feedback as I am relentless at becoming better!

I want to go into outside sales but have NO experience. Should I wait to get this program?

NO – this program is designed as a platform to help you be successful whether you are new to outside sales or tenured. This program will be even more essential for your foundation!

How long will this program take to go through?

The beautiful part about this program is that it is entirely up to you! You can binge-watch and go through everything in a weekend or you can take your time to master each section. It’s incredibly flexible dependent on you and what you are comfortable with!

I'm TOO BUSY right now - can I enroll in the program later?

I get it – LIFE is busy! However, we can’t guarantee when the next open enrollment is. You can always purchase the program today so you get the current pricing AND the bonuses. Then you can start the training once you’re ready! (Whether it’s a few week or months from now – remember that you have LIFETIME access and pricing will go up in the future..)

I'm in B2C and not B2B - is this program still applicable?

YES – even though there are some sections that are not as applicable, the concepts can apply still that will help you close consumer business. Many of the principles taught, I WISH I knew when I started in B2C.

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone that is open-minded and wants to crush it in sales! Some examples include: outside sales professionals, inside sales professionals wanting to go into outside sales, account executives (AE’s), sales development reps (SDR’s), inside sales reps wanting to go into outside, small business owners wanting to close more clients, anyone who wants to learn to prospect and close more, etc.!

Does this program work for any industry?

Here’s the reality – no matter the industry (Industrial, SAAS, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Financial Services,Telecommunications, Recruiting, Dental, etc.), sales runs the same format:

  1. Find great qualified prospects
  2. Meet with them
  3. Gain their trust
  4. Uncover their needs/pain points
  5. Present your solution
  6. Ask for the business
  7. Handle objections
  8. Manage the account growth and retention
  9. Rinse and repeat

Obviously each industry may add in varying steps such as demo steps but the concepts are the same! So long answer short, very applicable across all industries we’ve encountered!

Is this program for everyone?

NO – If you are not truly committed to developing your skills and putting the work in, this will not be worth it. Simply put, this is not a get-rich-quick overnight program. It will take studying, practice, and hard work to master the Sales Ninja process. IT WILL NOT BE EASY AS NOTHING WORTH IT IS EVERY EASY. If you are unwilling to put the work, I do NOT recommend investing in this program.

Also, if you are the type of person that likes to use statements like this: “Ah..that WON’T work for me because of (insert all the excuses of the world)!”

In life, like anything else, you can have reasons or results. However, you can only choose one and if you are an “excuse maker,” no training will change that if you are close minded!

Do I get lifetime ACCESS and UPDATES?

Heck yes! You get access for LIFE and as we update content, you get it all as part of being a student at no extra cost!

Is Sales Ninja School really step-by-step?

Yes, I made it as simple as possible!

Do I get access to everything at once or do I have to wait?

Nope! Once you enroll, you get 100% access to all modules, bonuses, templates, scripts, and tools IMMEDIATELY!

Can I only buy just a few modules that I need?

First off – No 🙂 This is a complete package that goes together! Just remember this – the only constant in life is CHANGE. If for example your current role doesn’t require you to do certain parts of the sales process, it doesn’t mean your future roles won’t need it too! This program ties the entire process together in a very nice step-by-step package.

Also, if you feel like you have parts of the process mastered, the most UNWISE thing to do (which applies to everything in life) is to STOP self-educating and learning different perspectives. Those who think they know it all truly know nothing.

How can you offer the SNS program valued at $14,999+ for ONLY $997? (Less than a Starbucks coffee a day?!)

You’re right – I should charge more…this pricing is the LOWEST it will ever be and it’s a special that ends soon. It’s literally a NO-BRAINER and the pricing will be going up very soon so take advantage of it while it’s the lowest it will ever be!

Are there any other costs with this program?

The two biggest costs are these and they are ONLY applicable if you choose to NOT invest in yourself:

  1. REGRET – Either you enjoy the fruits of making the BEST decision to invest in your future NOW with a program that you can’t get ANYWHERE else or you live with the PAIN of REGRET of not being where you want to be in the future!
  2. OPPORTUNITY COST – Every day you are in the field with the wrong tools leads to more lost deals, which means lost commissions and bonuses. This compounds the more you wait to start creating a better future today.

However, here’s the best part: your destiny is formed by the decisions you make! So choose to invest in your future to eliminate these costs!

P.S. No other costs outside of the one-time payment for this incredible offer!

Are you saying that I'll make $100K in 60 days or less?

NO – this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme! After the completion of this training program, as long as you are putting the WORK in, you will see a massive shift in your skills and results! This will ultimately position you with the tools, resources, and skills to earn 6-figures+. YOU ultimately must still do the work to earn the income! If you see a program that says you’ll make $100K+ in under 60 days with no work and just watching trainings – RUN AWAY! 🙂

I can't currently afford the program - what are my options?

I totally get it – here’s the reality: It’s not about not being able to afford it..it’s having the mindset of  “what do I lose out on if I DON’T find a way to afford it?” Aside from regret and lost opportunity, you lose out on:

  • Personal growth
  • Confidence building
  • Upshifting in mindset
  • Leveling up and becoming who you want to be
  • And of course, all the results that will compound every single year for the rest of your life

So your options are either to do nothing..or think: how can I find a way to afford this? I’ve been there when I couldn’t afford an $8000 conference..but I figured out a way and that investment 10X’ed my results!