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Scripts Are Like a Coloring Book

“Scripts don’t work”

“I don’t want to sound like a robot”

“I’m not a ‘script’ person”

Does this sound familiar?

Here’s the thing:

Scripts work.

What doesn’t work is the WRONG understanding of them.

If you read it like a robot, that’s the wrong way.

Chances of booking are slim.

The truth is, cold call scripts are like a coloring book.

It provides the framework of the image..

BUT you add in the color!

When you take a cold call script and you add…

✅ Your personality

✅ Your vocabulary

✅ Tonality

✅ Inflection

✅ Pace

✅ Etc.

You suddenly have a whole new beautiful custom picture!

All based on the initial SCRIPT.

And guess what?

I bet you’ll book more appointments too 😃

Do you agree?

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