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3 Skills New Sales Leader Must Develop

Being a top sales rep doesn’t mean you’ll be a top sales leader.

There are fundamental skills that must be developed.

Here are 3 I wish I knew when I first got promoted:

1) Recruiting Top Talent

If you do a great job as a leader, you will get your people promoted!

If you do a BAD job as a leader, your people will quit you.

Either way, you’ll have open territories.

Your ability to recruit is key for long term success.

2) Developing Your People

So whether it’s a new rep or a seasoned on…

Humans need continuous growth to stay engaged.

Whether they are at the top, middle, or bottom of the rankings.

From sales skills to life skills…and everything in between.

Learning how to develop your people will increase their job satisfaction and YOURS.

AND it increases their chances to get promoted and YOURS.

3) Retaining Talent

Now that you have a fully staffed team of rockstars…

It does NOT mean it’ll stay that way.

Learning to retain develop by endearing and engaging their hearts and minds is key as well.

Do you agree?

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