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Slow Down to Speed Up

I had been a director for 4 months and I was struggling.

I had gone from successfully leading a team of just under 20 employees to leading 9 teams of 85+ that was all remote.

Like everyone that starts something new, I had drawn up the perfect 30/60/90/180 plan.

Which got thrown promptly out the window as things started changing very rapidly.

I traveled for 16 weeks straight.

I was working 80+ hours/week.

The days were jammed up full of conference calls, 1:1’s, meetings, issues, firefighting, etc.

And we were behind starting off Q1.

I was starting to doubt myself.

I was talking to my boss about it.

He listened carefully and then asked, “Why aren’t you running the schedule I told you to do earlier on?”

I reflected: he had told me to travel 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

I started justifying my decision to run hard for 16 weeks straight.

He cut me off.

“Chan, get out of the business so you can run the business”

He was right.

I got so caught up with “working hard” that I was not working on the right things.

I couldn’t RUN the business being stuck IN the business.

I shifted my schedule to what he told me.

We finished the year doing double digit growth and sent over a dozen people to President’s Club.

Sometimes you must slow down to speed up.

Do you agree?



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