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Small Tweaks Make a Big Impact

“Bring everything in you need to close the business” -Me

The Rep looked at me, “But..this is just a door knock..”

“I totally get it but it’s all about the right mindset. If we go in, have an opportunity to present, the customer sees value, agrees, and it makes sense to do business today…let’s!”-Me


30 minutes later we walked out with a new business customer signed up.

The rep is ECSTATIC, “Chan, that was AMAZING!”

I nod-“Yup, the thing is simply this: I’m 100% confident our offering is the BEST in the marketplace. If we uncover a need, it’s our duty to provide the solution! Adding more steps or friction between providing value for our customer and waiting for another meeting doesn’t always make sense. Make sense?”

He nods happily.

I continue, “Plus, when you add more steps in your sales cycle, who does that impact?”

“The customer and me!”-Rep

“You got it!”-Me

We then head to the next appointment.

And yes, he closed that too.

It’s amazing how a small tweak in strategy and mindset can lead to a massive improvement in results.

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