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Swim Cap Triggers

Swimming competitively for years taught me a lot about creating habits.

If you have ever attended a swim meet, you know that you are there for 10-12 hours but you may only swim for 60 minutes max (including warm up).

That means most of the time you are just sitting around goofing off with your team mates.

I found that to go from laughing with friends on the pool deck and then jumping into a race was not a smooth mental shift.

I simply wouldn’t be mentally ready for the race.

So I started leaving the group 20 minutes before.

The first action was putting on my swim cap and then the rest of my stretching and affirmations routine.

Then I’d be able to give 100% in the race.

Putting the swim cap on turned into my trigger point.

The action triggered the first step in the habit of winning.

These types of habit triggers has bled into everything in life.

Putting on my workout clothes triggered me to have a great workout.

Putting the tie on triggered me to be a sales pro.

Putting on my headset triggered me to be a dialing machine.

If you want to be the best at anything, create habit triggers.

What are some of your habit triggers?

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