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Taking Control of Your Life With These Two Simple Perspectives

Perspective is a powerful thing. Often times we are blinded by our own perspective so we create emotional reactions based on this. Yes – sometimes it is valid, but often times we create an overreaction to a situation that makes everything worse!

I’ve seen it happen time and time again as people find reasons to blame others and they become a “victim” of the situations. They blame anyone and everyone for their situation. In fact, I used to be very guilty of this as a kid! I thought when things didn’t go my way, it was ALWAYS someone else’s fault. This unfortunately leads to life HAPPENING to you instead of you CREATING the life you want!

Fortunately I learned a few things that have massively changed my perspective including:

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so!”


“Control the CONTROLLABLES!”

If you simply believe life just happens to you and you have no control, you will live a unhappy life – I guarantee it! I believe the above and I’ll share an example that happened today before I wrote this:

I was driving with my family this morning and we were stopped at a stoplight. We had fun kid songs playing in the car and we were off to enjoy our Labor Day Saturday. BOOM – we suddenly felt the SUV lurch forward as someone hit us from behind! My immediate emotion was concern as I looked back to ensure everyone was okay. Once I assessed the situation, I pulled off to the side.

My feelings of concern IMMEDIATELY shifted to ANGER as I pulled off to the side and saw the damage to my SUV. It wasn’t a lot of damage but the bumper was scuffed and a piece of the body kit had broken off.

I was more pissed that my family got scared and now it would be definitely a major inconvenience to deal with! After dealing with the situation, I was still annoyed for at least an hour but after that, I started shifting my perspective; even though someone had HIT ME, I reflected on what I could have controlled:

  • I could have left the house 15 minutes sooner, which ultimately would have put me at a different spot on the drive.
  • I could have kept my eyes on the rearview mirror while stopped and could have had my hand on the horn to warn the distracted driver behind me.
  • I could have not left the house.

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I was also very happy about the following:

  • No one was injured – just surprised and scared.
  • The damage was pretty minor all things considered.

Notice the difference in mindset there? That’s a shift from a victim mentality to an ownership mentality of controlling the controllables. Although it doesn’t change the circumstances, it gives ME control in how the future turns out!

Now that I’ve had a chance to digest the situation, I’ve already planned out which body shop, rental car agency, etc. I’ll be reaching out to next week to handle it. This ultimately gives me power and perspective on the situation. In the whole scheme of things, it is really not a big deal!

Apply these perspectives to being in sales. You can find a million reasons why you are not successful from blaming a lack of training, lack of resources, bad territory, time of year, bad prospects, bad boss, etc. OR you can apply the two concepts above. You decide how you want to interpret your life and what you want to control. Change your perspective and that’ll change your actions, which ultimately change your results!

I hope you enjoyed this introspective post! Feel free to comment, share, and like this post. If you want to take control of your closing game, make sure to also snag my new program, Close Like Chan! It’s a 7-Day Training and Challenge that you can get for free below!

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