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The #1 Skill to Learn To Thrive in the Next Decade

The number 1 skill to learn for the next decade and beyond is SELLING.

Everytime the market dips like it has in today’s time, unemployment goes up📈

This has happened 100% of the time in history: 2020, 2007, 2001, etc.

This means LOTS of people looking for jobs AND LESS jobs available📉

Companies will ONLY hire and KEEP the BEST that they can afford.

It will become an employer-driven market.

You need to be able to sell…

  • In an interview why you’re the best hire.
  • To the company on why they should KEEP you there once hired.
  • To prospects on why they NEED your product/service despite a tough market.

If you know how to sell in tough market conditions, you will survive.

Once the market bounces back (which history has shown that it has bounced back 100% of the time), you will THRIVE.

So don’t wait for someone to tell you to get better.

So go upskill NOW on your own or you’ll be left behind.

Do you agree?

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