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The 13-Word Close

What if 13 words could increase your close rate instantly?

My 13-word close is super simple and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

Here’s how to do it:

Let’s set the stage first and assume a few things:

✅ This is with a qualified prospect

✅ You’ve already nailed the Discovery

✅ You also did a fantastic job with the Demo/Presentation

✅ You’ve done everything to earn the biz BUT present the pricing

✅ You are now about to present pricing and ask for the biz

Before you present pricing, just insert my 13-word close:

“Price aside, what have you liked the MOST based on what we’ve discussed?”


Let them tell you.

If you’ve done a good job, they’ll list out everything they LOVED.

Let them go for as long as they’d like.

Then simply summarize everything they loved and share the price.

Here’s why this is so powerful:

When THEY say what they love, it shifts them into explaining both EMOTIONALLY and LOGICALLY why they want it.

And if THEY SAY IT, then it MUST BE TRUE.

Value then gets framed up FIRST before price.

This now makes the close very simple and logical.

So there you have it.

Super simple and easy to do.

Do it all week and DM me success stories.

Tag a friend to help them!

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