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The 3 Questions Goal Achievers Ask Themselves

Have big goals that you want to achieve in life?

This is how winners think..

It’s a simple 3 question framework:

1) What goals do I TRULY DEEPLY desire?

2) How BAD do I want them?

3) What am I willing to SACRIFICE to get there?

Most AVERAGE reps will have an idea about 1 and 2..

But they are UNCLEAR or DISHONEST with themselves with 3.

Here’s what I mean:

To achieve big goals, it ALWAYS requires a sacrifice.

It will either take TIME so..

You sacrifice doing other things so you can work on your goals..

Or it will take MONEY.

Which is usually buying back your time through acquired knowledge or resources.

And if you are UNWILLING to sacrifice time or money..

(You usually need to do a mixture of both)

Then you simply do NOT want it BAD ENOUGH.

As the great Eric Thomas says:

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

Do you agree?

PS If you want to succeed in sales as bad as you want to breathe, send me a DM to work together!

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