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The 4 Stages of Reps

Did you know there are 4 stages of reps?

The best way to improve is to know which one you are.

Here are the 4 stages:

1) The Rookie

They just started and usually lack confidence in themselves.

They typically do not know what to do daily.

They usually hope through time they will get better.

Income: Base and some commission

With time, they will shift to the next stage.

2) The Average

Results are inconsistent.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and comp.

They have an idea what to do but are UNSURE how to do it.

Income: Usually $50K-79K (Obviously it can vary)

With a little bit of luck, they may shift to the next stage.

3) The One-Hit Wonder

Their results are still inconsistent.

Sometimes they will knock it out of the park for a period.

They blame poor months on external factors

(The economy, territory, bad boss, etc)

They hang onto the “Glory Days”

“That one year they hit Presidents Club”

“That one year they made $X”

Income: Inconsistent but average around $80K-$124K

At best, most reps will get to this stage and get STUCK.

Then there is the last stage.

4) The Elite

Their results are consistently excellent

They seem to have the “magic touch”

They hit PC every year or very close

They earn it daily

They demand excellence of themselves and others around them

Income: $125K-$1M+ (Again, comp varies on many factors)

The sad truth is that most will only get to the 3rd stage at best.

That may take 1 year or 20+ years.

But then they get stuck.

And they repeat an inconsistent performance every year.

The harsh truth is that become ELITE, things must change.






Who you surround yourself with


The Elite and FUTURE Elite know..

To achieve MORE, they must BECOME MORE.

Do you agree?

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