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The 6 Habits of Those Who Do NOT Have Success Working With Me

So I get asked periodically:

“I see the success your Inner Circle clients have…

What about the ones who don’t have success? Why is that?”

It’s true.

We do have a high success rate BUT not everyone gets results.

(Anyone who claims a 100% success rate is lying to you 🤣)

After working with hundreds of clients over the last 2 years..

The ones who do NOT have success usually have one..

Or MORE of these 6 bad habits.

1) They don’t show up to coaching calls aka don’t ask for help.

2) They don’t consume the proven step-by-step blueprint.

3) They DO consume the blueprint but DON’T execute.

4) They execute a few times but GIVE UP too early.

5) They’re not open to feedback and executing on the feedback.

6) They find EXCUSES for every solution offered.

The harsh truth is this:

It doesn’t matter whose program they are a part of..

These bad habits follow them everywhere.

That’s why coaching programs for anything are like a marriage.

Both need to show up to work.

Do you agree?

PS If you want to sell more and you do NOT have these habits, send me a DM to work together!

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