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The 7 Beliefs Your Prospect Must Have to Buy

In order for a sale to occur..

Your buyer(s) must have 7 very specific beliefs.

Without all 7, chances are incredibly slim it will get closed…

1) Pain: They must believe there is pain in their current situation.

2) Cost: They must believe there is a COI (Cost of Inaction)

3) Desire: They must have a desired future state or goals.

4) Doubt: They must doubt they can do it on their own.

(Or that their existing vendor/method can do it.)

5) Resources: They must believe they have a way to get the resources or capital to invest.

6) Decision-Making Power: They must believe they can pull the trigger or can highly influence it.

7) Trust: They must have trust in your company, you, the offer, etc.

AND your sales process from TOF to BOF..

Either CREATES or VALIDATES the beliefs.

Once your buyer(s) have all 7 beliefs..

Chances are real good you’ll be onboarding them soon

Do you agree?

P.S. Want more help with this? Send me a DM.

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