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The Average Sales Reps’ Addiction

Average sales reps have an addiction.

An addiction to “HOPE-ium”

Are you familiar with it?

It’s the reps who talk about the same accounts EVERY QBR.

They tell everyone how “BIG” the accounts are and..

How it will “make their year” once they get it.

However, there is never actual progress on the deal..

They also never have enough in the pipeline..

And as a result, they consistently miss quota.

They keep HOPING that deal comes through.

The truth is: they’re scared.

Scared to get a “no” so they live in “maybe-land”

This is an awful place to be.

Top reps know this.

Instead, they seek CLARITY.

They ASK the tough questions to prospects.

They find out EXACTLY where they stand.

They get clear on exact next steps to PROGRESS forward.

And if the answer is a “no”?

No problem, now they know.

Now they can focus their time on other deals in the pipeline.

They are happier.

And MUCH more successful.

So don’t be average.

Don’t smoke the “HOPE-ium”

Ask the tough questions.

Do you agree?

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