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The BEST Way to Handle Closing Objections

Most reps handle objections incorrectly.

They BELIEVE they need a RESPONSE for every objection.

Here’s why that thinking can cause you to lose deals:

Think about what happens when a prospect gives you an objection..

If you immediately come back with a response..

What usually happens next?


Then you handle it.


Annndd it’s back and forth until both you are worn out.

Like a verbal ping pong game of objections.

This is a very adversarial approach.

Instead, do this instead:

1) Show some empathy:

“I totally get that”

“I appreciate you sharing that”

2) Then dive in DEEP into that objection.

“What about (objection) concerns you?”

“Tell me more”

“Can you elaborate on (objection)?”

THEN once you understand the TRUE objection..

3) Make sure no other objections exist.

“Aside from (real objection), anything else causing you pause?”

Once you know it’s the only one?

4) THEN handle it.

Why does this work?

Because now you’re focused on truly understanding the prospect.

They feel heard.

And you’re helping them mentally process the commitment.

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