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The BEST Way to Handle Closing Objections

The 1st objection to close is RARELY the REAL objection.

Think about it.

You ask for the sale and then they hit you with an objection.

What usually happens next?

Most try to overcome it with a modified pitch.

Then what happens?

ANOTHER objection.

And then ANOTHER.

It goes back and forth like a tennis match until..

Hopefully you close it!

Or you feel like you just got punched in the face multiple times with no sale but a “follow up.”🤮

The reality is objections are the layers of an onion.

The first one is usually surface level like “let me think about it.”

Therefore, the best strategy is to get the prospect talking!

Get them to peel the layers of the onion back so you can UNCOVER the REAL root objection.

Here’s how you do it:

After they throw an objection at you, just pause and say this:

“Tell me more.”

That’s it.

Keep repeating until you’ve peeled to the root objection.

NOW you handle the REAL objection.

I guarantee you 90%+ of the time it’s a completely different objection than what they FIRST said.

This helps the prospect walk through their thought process.

And will lead to FASTER closes and a shorter sales cycle.

By using 3 simple words.

“Tell me more”

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