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The BEST Way to Handle Objections on Sales Calls

“Ok great-let me think about it and call me next week!”-Prospect.

I looked at the rep who was taking point on the sales call.

She beamed-“Perfect, when should I call you?”

“Give me a call anytime after Monday!”-Prospect.

I waited.

“Great, I’ll call you then”-Rep.

I jumped in.

“Actually Jon-let me make sure I understand: you like the full solution that Corey showed you with the exception of the X service add-on, is that right?”-Me.

“Yup, it’s all great!”-Prospect.

“So aside from the X service add-on, everything else is exactly what you need to solve Y problem, right?”-Me.


“And the pricing fits in your budget, right?”-Me.


“So what exactly do you need to think about?”-Me.

“I guess nothing..”-Prospect.

“Since our solution solves your Y problem AND fits in your budget, let’s get you set up today. Sound good?’-Me.

“Yeah, that sounds good!”-Prospect.

The rep’s jaw dropped.

5 minutes later we walked out with a new account and the rep made $2000 in commission.

Moral of the story?

The key to handling objections is NOT your response.

It’s the QUESTIONS you ask to clarify the objection.

If you want to be better at handling objections, get better at asking questions.

Do you agree?

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