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The Break-Up Email

Imagine if a stranger DM’ed you for a date.

You’re not into it so you ignore it.

They keep trying to slide into your DM’s.

You continue to ignore it.

Weeks go by as they continue try to get your attention.

Suddenly you get one last DM that reads:

“Have you given up on us?”

What would you think?

You’d probably get a restraining order!

This is how some are doing sales “break-up” emails..

Treating it as if you are dating.

Remember this:


This type of “break-up email” is just creepy.

I get these time to time and just shake my head.

Do this instead.

Write a short but polite email.

Provide some free resources of high value.

And move on.

Every month or so reach out and provide more free value.

That’s it.

When the timing is right, they’ll be thinking of you.

And how you NURTURED the relationship.

And the conversation will open up.


Don’t break up.

Do you agree?

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