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The Dark Knight and Phone Scripts

“I don’t think phone these scripts work..”-Rep said quietly.

We were on a break from a training session and had just finished roleplaying phone work.

“What do you mean?”-Me

“It doesn’t sound natural..”-Rep

“Ok, can we go through the script together a few times?”-Me

“Sure..”-the rep said hesitantly

We go through the script 5X and I coach each time.

He sounds more confident after each time.

“How do you feel?”-Me

“I do feel better..”-Rep

I can tell he’s not 100% bought in.

“Do you have a favorite movie?”-Me

He nods.

“Ok-what’s your favorite movie?”-Me

“The Dark Knight”-Rep

“Do you think it has a movie script?”-Me

He nods.

“Does it SOUND like a movie script?”-Me

He shakes his head.


“Cause they know it so well?”-Rep

“Phone scripts are the same! You just practiced 5X in a row and you sound better after that. Keep practicing until it no longer sounds like a script JUST like The Dark Knight!”-Me

I see a light go off in his head.

“GOT IT!”-Rep

Fast forward 2 weeks later, I get a text from him.

“Chan, I’ve been practicing..my calendar has never been more full. THANK YOU!”

If you want to be a great leader, be great at communicating the same message in different ways.

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