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The Devil is in The Details

During my internship, one of my duties was to sell insurance to people who rented cars.

I had a week of great training at the regional HQ and then the following week we were live at the branches.

That weekend I spent it practicing my pitch until I had it memorized.

Day 1, sold ZERO.

I figured I just needed more swings.

Day 2, sold ZERO.

I was getting worried.

I didn’t understand why I wasn’t selling anything.

I literally did everything step-by-step as I was trained.

I even add in my personality to make it more natural.

But still no one was saying YES.

My boss asked to just observe the next few agreements I wrote up.

After we did two, I could see a huge grin on her face.

“Chan, you are doing literally everything exactly right..”

I looked at her a little worried.

“The ONLY thing you are not doing is..asking for the business!”-she laughed.

She was right: I literally would build pain in the customer, take them on a journey, present the offer, and..didn’t ask for the businessđŸ¤¦

I added that piece in and ended the summer winning Intern of the Year.

It’s amazing how one little detail can completely change your results.

Have you ever experienced something similar?

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