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The Difference Between a Poor and Rich Mindset

I grew up very poor.

Poor to the point that ramen was a luxury.

Being poor wired me to think a certain way..

It wired me to live in a world of scarcity.

As a result, broke thinking KEPT me broke.

As I started surrounding myself with people that had money..

Obsessively studying the habits of the wealthy..

I realized that rich people asked themselves RICH questions.

That’s what MADE them rich and KEPT them rich.

Rich in wealth, health, happiness, and life.

And it’s across everything including how they spend money.

Let me give you some examples:

🚫 How much does it COST?

💰 How much is it WORTH?

🚫 It seems expensive..can I get it cheaper?

💰 What’s the return on investment?

🚫 What do I get with this?

💰 How will my life change after this?

If you want to stop being BROKE..

Start asking yourself RICH questions.

Broke people know the PRICE of EVERYTHING..

But rarely know the VALUE of ANYTHING.

Once you make this shift..

Your life will automatically become richer!

Do you agree?

P.S. Once I made this shift, I started closing bigger deals too as you sell how you buy..

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  1. Looking for value and benefits, not for price and cost. Great insights!

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