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The Fastest and BEST Way to Land Your Next Dream Job

Are you looking for a job?

Average reps just apply and wait..

Here’s the FASTEST and BEST way to land your dream job:

Treat it like a B2B sales process!

Here’s what I mean:

1. Identify and research your target company

2. Research and identify the hiring manager

3. Go to their last LinkedIn post and drop a meaningful comment

4. Send them a connection request (no message)

5. Until they accept, engage meaningfully with their posts

6. When they accept your request, immediately send them a warm and inviting VIDEO DM that is HYPER-PERSONALIZED

7. Cold call their office and leave a VM

8. Cold email them with a hyper-personalized video email using a tool like BBMail

9. Be pleasantly persistent with Steps 5-8

10. Repeat 1-9 for all target companies

Be proactive.

Exercise strong EQ and give a buffer between each outreach.

Focus on hyper-personalization.

Break through the noise.

Be creative.

Do this for 30 days straight with 5 new prospects per day.

I GUARANTEE you will get interviews.

Then go close each interview like a sales call.

Show them what makes YOU the best.

Run it like top sales rep and you’ll get top results here too.

Do you agree?

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