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The Fastest Way to Mental Destruction in Sales

You missed your quota.

You can feel the stress in your head and bank account.

Your sales leader harps on you and talks about a PIP.

You feel worse.

You feel more demotivated than anything else.

Your head is clouded with emotion.

You feel like you have zero control.

This spirals into further inaction.

And one bad month leads to another and another.

You start becoming a different person.

You were once a positive and happy person.

You are now stressed, negative and unhappy.

You doubt yourself daily.

Your confidence is destroyed.

If this is you, I have a simple message for you:


Regardless of what your sales leader says..

Regardless of the company rankings..

Regardless of how you feel..


Read that again.

Do not associate your self-worth to a number.

It’s the fastest way to destroying your mental health.

Do you agree?

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