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The “Flight Risk” Zone for New Sales Reps

Did you know the timeframe of 6-18 months has the HIGHEST likelihood of a new sales rep quitting?

New hire starts and they are excited.

The honeymoon stage.

Then obstacles start showing up.

Eventually it becomes too much and they quit.

This is bad for business.

It also sucks starting over every 1.5 years for a rep.

New company, benefits, structure, etc. every 1.5 years.

Stressful for all.

Now businesses can help reduce this through onboarding and training, but that’s only part of the solve.

Reps can also reduce their flight risk as well, which will only help them increase skills, income, promotability, and stability.

Here are 4 things a new rep can do to ease through the “Flight Risk” zone:

1. Be aware of the Flight Risk zone: just being aware now means you can be proactive before those feelings hit!

2. Get a Mentor: Someone who has done your job successfully is a great guide!

3. Document progress daily: Write out daily one thing you learned and how you can apply it. It’s amazing what you learn and RETAIN when you do this.

4. Self-Educate: Don’t EVER stop learning-take time on your own to invest and master your craft as it’ll pay dividends in the future!

Do you agree?

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