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The Gym and Sales

Being great in #sales is like going to the gym🏋

Before the quarantine, there was this one guy, Tony, that I would see all the time.

I usually went at the same time every morning and he’d be there.

However, the odd thing was that even if I went at different times, he was there too!

One day Tony asked me how many hours I put in at the gym each week.

I told him I did a max of 3.5 hours/week.

He looked at me confused as he told me he was in the gym 14+ hours/week.

He asked me how it was possible.

Tony would spend 2+ hours/day working out using different machines and free weights.

The thing was, you couldn’t tell that Tony went to the gym that often.

He just had an average build.

The problem was this: He was only going through the MOTIONS.

Even though he technically worked out, he was not focused on technique and had zero strategy.

Thus he had mediocre results.

In sales, if you go through motions of making dials, running appointments, etc., you will also see mediocre results.

However, if you focus on improving techniques and strategies, you will see superior results!

It’s the difference between going through the MOTIONS vs. taking ACTION.

Whether it’s the gym or sales, it’s the same.

Learn to take ACTION and you’ll see superior results!

Do you agree?



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