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The Magnetism of Mediocrity

The Magnetism of Mediocrity is a dangerous force.

Its magnetic pull wants to distract you from your goals.

If you’re not careful, it will pull at you disguised as uncontrollable excuses.

Here are some examples of what you may hear from someone that has been brainwashed by mediocrity to justify poor results:

It’s because..

“We can’t travel”

“The market fell XX%”

“The economy is crumbling”

“It’s election year”


Those who are brainwashed allow these to DISTRACT them from taking action.

I get it.

There has been tons of volatility across the world.

There are many things you CANNOT control.

And you can’t always control the outcome.

BUT the reality is that the ultra successful take action no matter what.

Think back to 2008-2009.

The worst recession in decades.

The world was in panic mode.

Dark and desolate times.

And out of the “ashes” came a few that did NOT allow the Magnetism of Mediocrity to impact them.

They took action.

They controlled what they could control.

And they created some massive companies that you may be familar with:

Netlix. Uber. WhatsApp.

And more.

So don’t allow the magnetism to distract you.

Stay the course and take action.

You’ll thank yourself a year from now.

Do you agree?

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