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The “Moment of Greatness” Paradox

Are you familiar with the “Moment of Greatness” paradox?

It’s the feeling of butterflies in your stomach..

Right before you make a decision.

You want to do it as you know the upside could be great..

But you also are SCARED to do it because it’s…


It’s a “fight or flight” response that we all get.

Very normal and it’s how we are wired.

Here’s an example:

In early 2020, I wanted to hire a marketing coach.

I found one that was $10K upfront.

I have no problem in investing in my development..

But usually it’s spread out over the year.

This was $10K upfront.

It was UNCOMFORTABLE to decide.

This coach had shown me dozens of student successes.

Proof of concept and results.

He had EVERYTHING I needed to solve my problem.


I was still hesitant.

That’s when I realized that I was in my own head.

This was a “Moment of Greatness” opportunity.

I leaned towards discomfort and joined.

3 months later?

I 10X’ed my investment in <90 days.

I’ve seen this play out thousands of times in my life.

The UNCOMFORTABLE choice to..

Start in sales (Became a successful career)

Ask the girl in the buffet line on a date (Married her)


The most uncomfortable decisions in life..

Are usually the ones with the greatest upside.

Do you agree?



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