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The One Key Difference Between a Top Earning Rep vs. The Rep Who Misses Quota

What’s the one difference between a top earning rep..

And a rep who is struggling to hit quota?

First, let’s understand the 2 types of reps:

The rep who struggles:

šŸš« They struggle booking enough appointments..

šŸš« They struggle prospecting..

šŸš« They struggle closing..

šŸš« Their income and results are a rollercoaster…

šŸš« They are often stressed, overwhelmed, and insecure..

On the flip side is the other type of rep:

āœ… The rep who consistently earns a high income..

āœ… They far exceed their quota..

āœ… They win all the awards..

āœ… They go on all the awards trips..

They are not perfect by any means, but they are consistent with their results.

The one KEY difference though?

The top rep has a ROADMAP they follow!

A roadmap for success for:

āœ… Prospecting

āœ… Social Selling

āœ… Booking Appointments

āœ… Closing

āœ… Etc.

Does the top rep make mistakes?

Of course!

BUT they are consistent with following the roadmap for success for every step of the sales process.

It’s like they typed in their “success destination” into Google..

And it’s been mapped there for them.

They simply just “follow” the map there.

As a result, their RESULTS are consistent.

Do you agree?

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