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The Pandemic Has Exposed Some Reps

“It’s hard to sell right now”

I’m sure you’ve heard that from some reps.

Here’s the reality:

Times like today exposes reps.

There are reps that will give excuses for poor performance..

Then there are reps that will take 100% ownership.

And they’ll take action.

One of my students, Mike is a good example.

He sells to many small and mid-size businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic too.

BUT he’s taking action.

Massive action.

The result?

His income increased 30% over last year.

Should be hitting multiple six-figures.

He’s working less hours.

And is more effective in all parts of his sales process.

So don’t fall for the excuses of the weak-minded reps.

Be like Mike.

Take 100% ownership and take massive action.

Do you agree?

P.S. Want to get results like Mike and are 100% committed in investing in yourself? DM me “committed.”

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