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The Phone is a Superpower

How many emails do YOU get per day? 🤦

Now think – how MANY does a high-level decision-maker gets!😵


If you send an email through, what are the chances they’ll even see it?

1 out of 100 at best?

🦈That’s equivalent to swimming in a RED ocean of sharks all fighting for the same fish AKA attention from the DM.

Think of how many phone calls they actually get.

10-15 phone calls!

🌊That’s swimming in a clear BLUE sea with whales for you to get after with SIGNIFICANTLY less attention to fight against!

Which odds are better: 1 out of 10-15 or 1 out of 100+?

🦸‍♂️️The phone is a SUPERPOWER🦸‍♀️️

So for all those that say “#coldcalling is dead,” I’m politely telling you that you are incorrect😛

(What is dead is calling without any data or accurate data aka “Yellow Pages” style)☠

Does that also mean emails don’t work?


Like any top athlete, you must have many plays in your back pocket to win!

You need both to win depending on the circumstance.🔥

Do you agree?

Comment, like, and share below your thoughts!


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